When your car is idle, you sometimes feel slight vibrations, which are normal due to the crankshaft rotating, the engine’s inner working, etc. But there are times when this vibration is higher than usual, and it is a sign of some fault in your car. You should never ignore if your car shakes when idle more than normal. You can check the problem yourself or go to a mechanic. There are many possible reasons for this, but some of the most common causes are given below:

  • Your spark plug can be worn out or faulty resulting in your car shaking. Most of the time, the spark plug is the culprit.
  • There can be problems with the timing belt, which can cause this problem.
  • Your vehicle shakes when idle can be a result of loose or disconnected hoses to the engine.
  • The fuel intake system is not correctly adjusted and can cause car vibrations when sitting idle.
  • Damage to the motor mounts can result in shaking in some of the cases.
  • The shaking can be caused by the knock sensor or the variable valve timing switch in some cases.
  • Dirty air filters or problems with clutch can be the reason sometimes.

What to do in such situations?

Here we will discuss the causes in a bit of detail and their solutions:

1. Spark Plug Wearing

Car Shakes When Idle

The spark plug ignites the fuel for starting the engine and is also in charge of removing heat. But with time, the spark plug can wear out and cause problems like shaking when idle. So get them replaced if they are worn out, which is a quite inexpensive and easy task.

2. Timing Belt Problems

Car Shakes When Idle

The timing belt, part of the internal combustion engine, plays a crucial role in its normal functioning by synchronizing the crankshaft and camshaft. With time the timing belt can stretch and get loose or wear out, causing shaking as it will then not be able to function correctly. Car shakes when idle can be due to loose timing belts so, check them and make sure they are alright. Otherwise, get them replaced. Belt snapping during driving can cause severe problems as the engine shuts down. It will also be very costly to fix.

3. Hoses

Car Shakes When Idle

The hoses connected to the engine to provide fuel and remove the exhaust can be loose or detached, causing strong vibrations in the car. Get them checked, reconnect them, or, if worn, replace them.

4. Fuel Intake Problems

The fuel intake system can get faulty and clogged after a long period of driving, and it can then deliver an uneven amount of fuel to the engine, causing shaking and other problems for the engine. A technician can remove the dirt and dust to get it unclogged. Using better quality fuel or additive to clean the intake system can help in the long run.

5. Motor Mounts Problems

Car Shakes When Idle

Motor mounts are responsible for damping the vibrations of the engine and car. So, it’s understood that their damage can cause fluctuations, which you can see as your car shakes when idle. The mechanic can quickly identify this problem and fix it, so it’s good to show the mechanic—also, it’s good to get them checked from time to time to be on the safe side. Also check it out Is your Car Shakes When Accelerating? Here are the Causes and Solutions.

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