When you own a car, its maintenance is a big issue. One of the problems which are quite common and you may have experienced it as well is that car shakes when braking. You usually are going, apply brakes to stop the vehicle, but the car starts shaking or wobbling. This issue should never be neglected in any case as it can cause problems. Most of the time, this issue appears in cars that have travelled a lot of miles. But that does not mean it cannot happen in new vehicles. 

Reasons for Car shakes When Braking

There are several reasons for this shaking, and some most common causes of this fault are given below:

  • This shaking can be because of the tires. Lug nuts are loose or unbalanced due to deflating.
  • The brake rotors develop cracks and grooves or get warped, causing this problem. Also, the brake pads wear out unevenly or wear out enough that they do not make good contact with the tire.
  • There may be some problem with the car suspension system
  • Alignment issues with the car can also be a reason
  • Bent rims or bad CV joints can also be a reason 

Below are some of the solution you should try

Check the Tires

Car Shakes When Braking

Most of the time, this issue is due to tires. Sometimes one tire or more can be out of round. They can be deflated or de shaped. This can also cause the car to shake even when not braking. You should check the lug nuts as well as they can be loose, making the car shake. This can happen when tires are recently changed.

Check Brake Rotors or Drums

Car Shakes When Braking

Does car shake when braking then shouldn’t we check the brakes? The problem in brake rotors is the most common cause of the shaking when we brake. The rotors in disc brakes can be damaged or warped, causing the wobbling. Warping is normal. It can happen due to the wear caused by heat and friction of the pads. Sometimes, this warping of rotors can be due to a lack of use of a car. A car sitting idle for a long time can have damaged rotors due to corrosion. 

You should go to a mechanic and get the rotors resurfaced to restore them and make them work normal again. Make sure too much material is not lost during turning or resurfacing, as it will cause them to warp back. In that case, replace them.

A car with drum brakes can have the problem of de shaped drums. Machining or resurfacing can help here as well, but if the damage is too much, replacing is the best option.

Check Brake Pads

Car Shakes When Braking

As we know, when we apply brakes, the brake pads touch the wheel and stop it, so due to friction, its wearing is frequent. Car shaking when braking can be an indication of worn brake pads, so check them and if they are worn down, get them replaced.

Check the Alignment

Car Shakes When Braking

You should check the alignment of the car as well if the problem is not one of the above. You can check this by driving at high speed like 50-60 mph and letting go of the steering wheel. If your car goes left or right, then its alignment is not correct, and this can be causing the shaking. You should immediately get this right.

Check Suspension System

Sometimes suspension system components like wheel bearings or tie rods cause this problem due to their wearing. Check them by taking the car to the mechanic, and he can then solve the problem.

Is it safe to drive such a shaking car?

You should only drive a car if it shakes for short distances and at a slow speed. You must try to solve the problem as soon as possible. If the shaking increases, do not drive at all. After all, safety comes first.


So, it would be best if you always took care of the issues of your car like car shakes when braking for your safety. In case your problem is not in the possible reasons written above. A good mechanic can always find out what is bothering your cat. Keep servicing your vehicle from time to time and change the oil after approx. 3000 to 4000 miles to avoid this type of problem. Follow the maintenance tips and keep safe. Also, check out if your car shaking when accelerating

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