While driving a car, you need to be entirely concentrated on the road, but what if your gear starts giving you a hard time while shifting it. It will make you lose your concentration. You will need to get your eye off the road time and time again. Both manual and automatic transmission can be problematic. It can get stuck so if this happens, our car needs to be checked by the specialist right away. Some problems that car wont go into gear with both transmissions are mentioned below.

Manual Transmission Problems

Car Wont Go Into Gear

The problems of transmission of gears are very common in manual transmissions, and this is mainly due to negligence in maintenance. Some of the common issues in manual transmission are discussed below.

Parked on Incline

One of the most common reasons for gear to get stuck is that the car is parked on a slope, especially when parked in a steep one. You might not be able to put the car into the gear because of the pressure.


It can easily be fixed. You need to get the car in the running position and then start the car and then put the car in gear. Doing this will put the vehicle into gear without even getting stuck and will fix the problem. 

Clutch Problems

The clutch problems are also really common and maybe the reason the car won’t going into gear. You have to press the clutch to shift the gear and pressing it loosens the pressure plate and clutch disk and allows you to shift the gear and there could be many reasons why the gear is getting stuck

The first problem could be the clutch, and the plate or disk becomes disconnected, causing the plate or disk not to move. The clutch wire connects the clutch and the plate or disk, and you can check whether it is broken or not by getting under the car. You can also check whether it is broken or not by pressing the clutch. If there is no resistance, then the clutch wire is broken. The solution, If broken, you need a new clutch wire.

The second problem could be not enough transmission fluid or maybe not of the right type. Flushing of fluid may be the reason why the plates aren’t moving. Another problem could be that fluid gets metal pieces when not changed for a long-time causing damage to the plates. The solution is to take the car to a mechanic and get the fluid changed.

Bad Transmission

The last problem a manual transmission could face is a bad or damaged transmission. To spot this problem, you need to use your ears. If you hear some weird sounds like grinding coming when you shift the gear, then there might be a problem with your transmission.


Damaged gears won’t lock into the place correctly, and in such cases, the transmission needs to be rebuilt. Sometimes you just need to replace one or two gears and, in some cases, the whole thing needs to be replaced.

Automatic Transmission Problems

Car Wont Go Into Gear

The Transmission Fluid Is Low or Degraded

The gear gets stuck when the fluid is low or degraded because this fluid is the reason for the smooth movement of the moving parts of the transmission. This one can be a reason for the transmission problem in both automatic and manual transmission. In case of leakage, you might notice red or brownish fluid under your car. The Solution, in this case, you need to get your car checked immediately.  

Bad Torque Converter

In an automatic transmission, the torque converter serves the same purpose as the manual transmission clutch. The torque converter is an intricate part with components that include a turbine, pump, a transmission field, and a stator. Failure of any of these parts makes the automatic shifting hard for the torque converter. The transmission will slip in and out of the gear even though you manage to get the vehicle into the gear. The Solution is to Take your car to a mechanic immediately to get your vehicle fixed.

The Shift Lock Solenoid Is Damaged

The shift lock makes it tougher to put the shifter into “Drive” or “Reverse.” However, a failed or damaged shift lock solenoid may not respond when you press the brake pedal. The Solution to this problem can be fixed really quickly, and this repair is affordable. Get the car to a specialist, and he can get the job done for you.

This is all about the issues of your car won’t go into gear. Stay tuned to Cars Enthusiasts Pakistan for all automotive related blogs. If you are a smoker or have a smoker friend who smokes while traveling with you in your vehicle and smell won’t get off the car? Here are some of the common and efficient techniques that prove helpful in removing the smell of smoke.

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