Cars/ vehicles have become one of the very important necessities for our daily life and as we utilize them their engines may wear out; if not taken well care of. It is up to us to keep our engines working properly so we don’t have to face any difficulties along the way. It is important to understand and know why an engine failure might occur and how we can avoid it. We will be going over a few Reasons for Engine Failure in this article and also 5 early warning signs.

Following are a few Reasons for Engine Failure:

Heating/ Temperature

Most engines run efficiently between 104 °C and 225°C Celsius. Anything above or below this temperature range can cause problems. Engine parts of vehicles can get overheated due to reasons such as a blown head gasket, leakage of coolant from the radiator or even low level of the coolant, faulty water pump, and some other reasons as well.

The thermostat keeps the temperature in check and provides cooling when necessary. The thermostat is usually at 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Below this temperature range may cause sludge to build upon your engine. Sludge damages the engine makes it less efficient and worsens gas mileage.

It is very important to keep an eye on the temperature gauge. You can prevent most of the damage by timely oil change, keeping the coolant filled and paying attention to whether the cooling system is working fine or not.


Inappropriate Lubrication

One of the most common causes of engine failure is Improper Lubrication/ Inadequate level of Engine Oil. Inappropriate Lubrication is mainly caused due to worn out oil pump, insufficient lubricant quality and viscosity, excessive temperatures and contamination with foreign matter.

Inappropriate Lubrication roots the metal to metal contact between moving components which causes the components to wear out quicker. It also generates extra heat and can result in engine failure.

Again, timely oil change, using good quality lubricant and paying attention to the Engine Oil light can be the answer to the problem.


Detonation is caused due to the failure of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation); or in simple words, inappropriate combustion in the engine which generates a great amount of pressure and heat in the combustion chamber. Some other reasons for detonation can be bad fuel, off beam spark plug gaps and improper ignition timing.

The best option to deal with detonation is to get the car checked by a mechanic in time.

Following are 5 of the early warning signs you need to pay attention to and get your car checked if they appear:

  1. Engine light turning on.
  2. Gas mileage dropping off (increased fuel consumption).
  3. Your car making weird noises.
  4. Smoke coming out of the exhaust.
  5. Odorous exhaust smell.

These are the top 5 Engine Failure and Early Warning Signs that you will be able to notice when your car is trying to tell you that it needs some repair to be done. You can keep an eye out and take your car to your mechanic as soon as you notice any of these signs.

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