Swat Motorway was constructed by May 21, 2018 and officially opened for traffic on June 3, 2019. It costed around approximately 36 billion Rupees. Swat is located in the Northern of Pakistan where the most stunning green hill lies. It features Khyber Pakthunkhuwa. This was a project by FWO (frontier works organization). This Swat Expressway is now open for tourist. Civilians or foreigners who want to explore Pakistan demand quality of roads and safety. Swat expressway plays an important role in the development of Pakistan including the economy. Therefore this expressway doesn’t only provide tourism but also facilitates the people who travel on this road and reduce the time of travel.  Swat Motorway touches, Dir Upper, Chitral, Dir Lower, Shangla, Kohistan, Buner and Mohmand Bajaur districts before the world.

Swat Motorway

Swat Weakness

This City does have its pros and cons. There is still a lot to build right now. Infrastructure is still under developing phase. The most anticipated project passed through difficult phases of mining, establishment and ground leveling it is finally open for tourist. People as per observation are greedy due to lack of education and the fight that took place there namely Rah- Rast 2009. Roads have the worst traffic jam due to shaky roads therefore leading to poor traffic management and lack of facilities.

Swat Motorway

Weather Conditions

As per tourism is concerned it’s worth visiting this place without any doubt. It’s a breath taking beautiful place. The amazing weather attracts the tourist. The walks are very pleasant; one can love to walk for hours on the valley and enjoy the pleasing nature. People from all over the world come to discover the lovely landscape.

Travel Time

Roads after Bahrain to Kalam having said that is under construction. The patch of 35km is covered in almost 3.5 hours. Authorities are still working to give full autonomy to civilian government.


Some kind of presence of army is going to stay there permanently. There are some confined zones where military forces are still in all. Mowhden is another tourist spot center of attraction. Locals according to me still feel oppressed now by army then by Talibans.

Why Visit Swat Valley?

Its big plain in mountains Swat is known for paradise of Pakistan. It’s as pretty as the pictures. It is the best place to visit for the nature lover and Archeologists. Higher altitude places always provide colder weather than from the sea level. Swat River flows with clean water which is so precious to watch. It is also the best time to visit in summers but winter isn’t less. In winter swat facilitates at its best. Some of the activities to enjoy are skiing. There are many festivals that take place too. For tourists who visit they often go for hiking, paragliding, mountain climbing.

Certainly, the beauty of swat is delighted. You cannot just miss this lush green amazing scenery. It has been the greatest attraction for visitors.

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