“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- These are famous words said by Helen Keller that emphasize on the collaboration and partnership between separate individuals or companies.


Toyota and Subaru are two very famous companies from Japan which sell thousands of cars worldwide every day and their numbers are increasing rapidly. Both these companies have a wide variety of vehicles and are still continuously trying to improve and make better, safer, and versatile and environmental friendly vehicles. Toyota and Subaru have worked together earlier back in 2012 and developed Toyota GT86 or Subaru BR-Z which was a huge success and because of this achievement they have decided again to partner up and tackle ever growing world of electric cars.

Toyota Subaru Collaborate To Develop Electric Vehicles
Source: Toyota

Near Future

In the latest expansion of their collaboration, both Toyota and Subaru are working together to design and sell medium size sedans and C-segment SUVs by using hybrid technology in their vehicles. So far only rendered images are released and we know that the vehicles will be using the freshly developed chassis called the e-TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) which can also be used in D-segment SUVs and also the expected release date is said to be in 2021. The newly developed hybrid SUV will be sold under both the brands and is expected to be a huge success as it combines Subaru’s expertise of four wheel drive off roaders with the cunning hybrid technology and electrification of Toyota in order to produce the best hybrid off roader present today. Both slogans said that they will be taking a very careful and measured approach in this initiative to minimize and eliminate every error and allow their customers to enjoy their vehicles with complete comfort and hassle free.

Market Outgrowth

As expected, the biggest market of this will be in Japan as that will be the home base but both the slogans are working hard to make sure that this hybrid SUV is also made available to people in china, India, Pakistan, United States and several other countries when the EV market gets strong and can support the infrastructure of the company. This Toyota Subaru collaboration result mini SUV is said to be released in 2020 in Japan but is expected to be available to the rest of the world by 2021. The companies also said in a statement that they want electric cars to account for half of the sales by the year 2025 which is a major step towards a greener environment.

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