Sometimes when you are going on the road and your car starts shaking when you press the gas pedal. This situation when the car shakes when accelerating can both be alarming or not depending on what is causing such a situation. But you should never ignore such type of situation. It’s best to find out the reason for the shaking. There are a lot of causes for this to happen:

  • The car’s axle can be bent causing the shaking. Even little bend can have a large effect.
  • The tires can be unbalanced and cause shaking which is more noticeable at higher speeds. Wore out tire treads can also be a reason.
  • The CV joints of the car can be damaged which can result in shaking
  • The motors mounts can be broken.
  • If your brake calliper gets to strike the wheel repeatedly, it can cause shaking which you will feel more when you accelerate at high speeds.
  • There can be a problem with propeller shafts.
  • Some kind of engine problems can be a reason as well.

Below I have explained some of the reasons in detail along with their solutions. Go through them and find out about your problem.

Bending of Axle

Car Shakes When Accelerating

The axle can mostly be bent in cases of accidents even minor if you drive over a large rock or stone. You may not notice any visible damage but your axle can be. So, it’s better to check it yourself or by showing it to a mechanic if you are experiencing wobbling. It’s better to check the axle normally after a few days even if nothing is wrong.

Engine Problems

Car Shakes When Accelerating

Engine complications like a dirty air filter or problems with spark plugs are generally responsible for shaking. Better check them and get them replaced if they are the reason for it. It’s not very expensive to get filters or spark plugs changed.

Tire Unbalancing

Sometimes tires get unbalanced when you get new of them causing unbalance and hence shaking. This shaking goes on increasing with speed so it’s better to get to a mechanic and check them.

Motor Mounts Damage

Car shakes when accelerating can be caused by motor mounts. Motor mounts stick your engine to the frame and damp the shaking of the engine. Their damage causes the shaking. It’s better to check them as well.

CV Joint Damage

Car Shakes When Accelerating

The CV joints located at the end of axle points. In most cases, the inner joint gets damaged and can cause the wobbling. So better to check them and rectify the problem.

There are a lot of other problems as well like with propeller shafts, power steering, or with the brakes. It’s better to go to the mechanic if you don’t find the problem or don’t know much about cars.

Final Words

If your car shakes when accelerating you should concentrate and notice that in most cases that it also shakes when going slow or not accelerating but is not noticeable normally.

You should never ignore and always check your car if your car shows signs like wobbling and shaking. It’s better to check and be on the safe side than be sorry after. You should also go through our related blog if your Car Shakes When Braking.

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