Saudi Arabia’s Highway 10 is en route to becoming World’s Longest Straight Road, beating the Eyre Highway in Australia. It is a 256-260 kilometers arrow-straight piece of tarmac. The Eyre Highway on the other hand only has a 146 kilometer stretch of straight road. Highway 10 will connect its destinations by cutting straight through the Rub Al-Khali desert.

The 260-kilometer straight of Highway 10 starts from Al-Haradh and goes on to Al-Badha. The fact that the road is not a winding one like the ones in Sweden may make them a tad boring for those traveling on it. However, if you’re traveling in a speed machine and if there are no cameras in sight, there’s no better place to unleash that engine. Al-Hardha is famous for its oil and natural gas reserves and Al-Badha is found at the border of the United Arab Emirates. These two areas are separated by 260 kilometers of Rub Al-Khali desert which is why Highway 10 serves to join the two.

World's Longest Straight Road

People really enjoy driving on curvy roads; It’s quite enjoyable. whereas it is really boring to drive on straight, long roads. Though the latter will get you to your destination much faster, the journey will have felt like it took an age and the travelers normally come out exhausted. Furthermore, the lack of any interesting views along the desert road doesn’t really help much in passing the time. The area itself gets quite hot and dry during the day and absolutely freezing in the night. Temperatures go as high as 50 degrees Celsius during the day. It is because of this that Highway 10, like Eyre Highway, is a dangerous road to be on. It is mostly used by people traveling from the central and western regions of Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates and for transporting goods across the desert, to and from the border.

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