Sometimes when you are driving, you hear squeaking noises from the car when you turn. These noises or squeaks can be bothersome, and it can be a risk to drive your car when you hear such voices. These voices are an indication of a problem that can be a small or a severe one.

So, it is never safe to drive a car at risk of a malfunction. Here we have listed almost all of the possible causes that your car squeaks when turning. We have also given the solutions to these problems that you can apply yourself or with a professional’s help. 

Worn out struts and shock: Out of the many causes of the noise you hear when you turn, worn-out struts or shocks are the most common cause. If you feel some bumping along with the squeaky noise, worn-out shocks and support can be the most likely culprit. 

They can last a long time, but eventually, every mechanical part gets worn out so, it’s best to replace them when they have lost their utility.

#1 Low Quality of Tires

The quality of tires can also affect the overall performance of the car. If the tires’ quality is low, it can cause noises when you turn due to lousy quality tread compound compared to the right tires. Such a lousy tread compound cannot get good friction with the road or street surface and cause squeaky sounds. If the tires are worn out, they cannot develop the required conflict to hear noises.

The best solution is to get the right quality tires and get the tires replaced when they wear out.

#2 Dry Ball Joints

Ball joints join steering knuckles to the other suspension components of the kit to help the moving vehicle. These joints are lubricated for proper functioning, but they can get dry after a few months, which makes them rough, causing friction between them, so they start producing noises.

These sounds keep on increasing with time if you don’t look into the issue. This issue can be resolved by lubricating the joints so they can perform adequately.

#3 Dry Jounce Bushing

The jounce Bushing is located on the front strut of the car. It is also lubricated and gets dry after some time, and it is also a good reason for the noise when turning left or right. It produces creaking sounds, which can be very bothersome.

The most obvious solution is to lubricate the jounce bushing or consult a professional.

#4 Fluid Leakage from the Power Steering

Power steering uses a fluid responsible for lubricating, and it flows from the reservoir to the steering box and rack. This fluid can leak, and then it cannot perform its function of lubricating correctly, and hence due to friction, the power steering can produce sounds.

It’s better to get the car checked for leakage and refuel the fluid level so that it can function correctly. 

#5 Worn Steering Column Bearing

If you live and drive in hot climate conditions, you can hear the sound of plastic rubbing against a rough platform. This is because of the expansion of the parts caused by the hot weather, which development, in turn, causes the upper plastic bearing to rub onto the steering column.

#6 Poor Suspension Bushings

Suspension bushings also have a limited life like all other bushings, and they can get worn out after some time and can cause unusual sounds (squeaks) from the tires when you turn. They can get broken entirely in some cases. It’s best to get them replaced when they wear out.

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