We all want our car to run smoothly. But we face problems many times. One of these problems is the jerking of the car when accelerating. You are going steadily, but your car starts shaking when you accelerate. There are a lot of reasons for such a problem. You should check for such a problem as soon as possible to get it fixed before the problem gets worse. Below are some of the main and most common reasons for car jerks when accelerating.

Car Jerks When Accelerating

#1 Worn out Ignition Parts

Ignition parts include spark plugs, ignition wires, and coil packs, etc. If these parts wear out, which they do overtime, they affect the electrical system, and there can be an engine misfire in a cylinder that can cause jerks when accelerating. It would be best if you got the worn-out ignition parts replaced as soon as possible to stop the problem from getting worse. These parts are not expensive and can be easily replaced, and you can replace them yourself.

#2 Engine Cylinders Damage

If engine cylinders are damaged, the engine can lose the ability to smooth the full combustion cycle, causing the engine misfire. One sign of this problem is a strong smell coming from the engine. You should bring your vehicle to a professional to fix this problem correctly, as it is not an easy job to try yourself. So do not try to experiment yourself.

#3 Dirty Air Filter

The air filter’s job is to keep away the debris and dust from the road from the engine. But these filters get dirty and clogged over time. These dirty filters can cause inefficient fuel consumption. To get rid of this problem, make sure you clean the air filter from time to time. So, they will not get clogged and cause a situation.

#4 Dirty fuel Injectors

Fuel injector nozzles get dirty and can cause power loss or engine failure. It would be best if you cleaned the fuel injector’s nozzle from time to time to avoid such a situation. Their cleaning is a simple process by a dedicated cleaner. But some injectors can get so dirty that you will need to replace them.

#5 Moisture in the Distribution Cap

Moisture can accumulate in the vehicle’s distribution cap if you park your car outside in moist or raining weather. It can result in shaking of your car when you accelerate. To prevent this situation from happening, you should always park your vehicle at a dry and safe area in rainy or cold, moist weather.

#6 Improper Clutch Use in Stick Shifts

This is not a car problem; rather, this is the driver’s problem if he is not experienced. The clutch connects the engine to the transmission and then the wheels. If you disengage the clutch suddenly after shifting gears, the connection gets interrupted, and you feel a jerk when speeding up. To avoid this problem, you should practice to ease off the clutch and step on the accelerator pedal each time you shift gear. With practice, you will avoid this problem from happening.

#7 Clogged Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter regulates the emissions coming out of the car. Sometimes, the air-fuel mixture flowing through the converter can cause clogging in it. This clogging can cause jerks or stutter in the car when you accelerate.

#8 Defective Acceleration Cable

Sometimes the reason a car jerks when accelerating is the wearing out of the acceleration cable. One sign you will note will be that your car will take extra time to respond when you step on the accelerator. The best and only solution is to replace the worn-out acceleration cable as soon as possible to avoid further wearing or breaking the cable. Get the help of a professional mechanic to solve the problem.

#9 Bad Transmission Control Module

There is a transmission control module responsible for gear transmission in an automatic transmission car when you accelerate. Sometimes, this transmission module gets faulty, and you notice a car jerk or stumble when the gear changes. This faulty transmission can cause gear shift delays or unpredictability and feel like car jerks.

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