The car AC is the thing which makes you able to spend the hot summer day on the road. You can’t imagine driving in a car on a hot day without turning the AC on. So, when your AC stops giving you cold air on these types of days, it can make you frustrated, and it will cause you great uneasiness. Car AC not blowing cold air can be the result of a small minor problem or a big one that may have to be check with a mechanic. Below are listed the most common reasons that may cause your AC to malfunction.

#1 Low AC Refrigerant

Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air

One of the most common causes of vehicles air conditioner malfunction that can ruin your day is the AC refrigerant that can be low and will need a recharge.  You can also charge your refrigerant by yourself, but to make sure that the job is done efficiently. You should visit a mechanic and get it done there.

#2 AC System Refrigerant Leakage 

The vehicle air conditioning system can have a refrigerant leak causing the AC air to get warm. Some signs of the refrigerant leak are the oil residue around AC hoses and pipes, hissing sound from the system, clicking noise when AC is turned on. This leak can be detected by a professional mechanic using advanced tools, and it’s quite challenging to identify. You may need to repair if possible or replace the entire failed component. If you are checking yourself, you should be aware that the refrigerant is highly toxic. It would be best if you only handled it with proper equipment. It is better to hire a professional to check it for better results and safety.

#3 Failure of the Fan Motor

Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air

One another common cause of a faulty AC system is the fan motor at the front of the motor of the vehicle. The fan should be in good working condition so that it can keep you cool and also the car’s engine. Going to a mechanic and properly checking this can quickly solve your problem.

#4 Issues with Electrical Wires

Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air

The electrical issues with the vehicles AC system are quite tricky to diagnose. It would be best if you tried to find any damage to the wires. If found, you should fix them with tape or replace them entirely. If you can’t find any electrical issues on your own, going for a mechanic can solve your problem as there are the experts.

#5 Blocked Condenser

Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Car AC not blowing cold air can be the result of the blocked condenser. The condenser job is to cool the refrigerant that gets hot during compressing. It is done by using the airflow from the front of the car when you drive on the road. The condenser can be blocked by dirt or debris from the way, and then it will not be able to cool the refrigerant and your cars ac system will not be able to walk properly and will not be able to give you cold air. As the condenser is in the front in most of the cars, so you can easily see if anything is blocking it and remove it.

#6 Broken Condenser

Sometimes, no debris is blocking the condenser; instead, it gets broken down due to some trash going into the condenser through the grill of the car and damage the part, causing failure. This type of condition can be detected by visual inspection, but their only remedy is by replacement of the condenser.

#7 Failure of Clutch Cycling Switch 

The clutch cycling switch can fail and cause your AC to not give cool air to you. In this situation, the air compressor’s electromagnetic clutch does not kick in, causing the refrigerant not to get pressurized and hence the system cannot work correctly. Replacing the compressor clutch is quite complicated, and it’s better to get it replaced by an experienced mechanic.

Final Words

The air conditioning system can go wrong anytime. So it is better to have a know-how about the most common problems. Here I have tried to cover all of the common ones so that you can cope with the situation of car Ac not blowing cold air.

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