If you have had a car for a long time, then you would probably know that like pretty much anything, cars need maintenance too, and if not done correctly, problems happen to like your car shakes while driving. Never neglect such a situation as it can be dangerous. There are a lot of causes of such a situation. Some of the most common are given below:

  • There can be a problem with tires causing the shaking.
  • Engine problems can be a reason too.
  • Car shakes while driving can be a result of inferior transmissions.
  • Brake rotors or calipers can be the culprit.
  • Problems with the axle are also likely to cause such issues.

Causes in detail with solutions

Below are the reasons in detail, along with what to do if such a situation happens. Some are not too difficult to repair; any competent mechanic can do, or you can do yourself also.

Bad Tires

Bad Tires are probably the most often cause of car vibrations. Tires have a specific life, and when overused, they become thin over time. It makes them harmful to use and vulnerable to cause accidents. Other factors include tires not perfectly fitted on the axle, which makes them wavy. As we know, tires have a specific life, so changing tires at the right time can prove to be a lifesaver for you and making sure that your tires are properly inflated can also make your drive smooth.

Engine Problems

Car Shakes While Driving

The engine, as you all know, is the heart of any moving machinery. Any problem with the core of the body causes a malfunction in the whole body. Spark plugs need to be tested and cleaned as they may cause shakes when the car is starting. Clogged filters can also cause the same problem. The engine can also be repaired if issues are present, mainly the parts which are severely affected are spark plugs and air filters causing car shakes while driving. Spark plugs are worn out after about 80000- 100000 miles after that it may clog and cause engine startup problems; moreover by changing a clogged filter might do the trick as well.

Inferior Transmission

Car Shakes While Driving

Transmissions may need to be checked too. Imagine being on a bumpy road without shocks or transmission on your vehicle. It’s terrible. It’s a complete nightmare. Transmissions are connected to steering, so it may be possible that the alignment of the rotors that attach steering to transmissions may not be right and causing the problem. Transmissions are manly springs attached to the front and rear axle of the wheel to give you a smooth ride by changing rotors that attach transmission to steering can prevent vibrations.

Brake Problems

Car Shakes While Driving

Brakes may be causing the problem too when you stop your car at high speed. Vibrations are more likely to occur when rotors of brakes are out of round and or calipers of brake are struck with car tires. If your car only shakes when you apply brakes, then it is more likely that this is because of out of round brakes, or some may call it calipers of brakes are attached to the tires, and yeah, you guessed it! By changing brake calipers and rotors that are attached to it, one can fix the issue.

Axle Problems

Car Shakes While Driving

Axles, as you know, are steel rods to which wheels are connected. Any problem regarding untightened screws that attach wheels to axle may cause wavy and unstable drive. Axle problems can be fixed mainly by fixing driveshaft and inspecting CV joins as these are the parts that may be causing the tires to go out of their way.

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